Jojoba Oil Benefits

jojoba oil uses

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People in the Latin American nations knew about jojoba oil benefits for several years. But it is only now that this naturally found cosmetic product is finding its way into modern beauty salons and other cosmetic shops. Jojoba oil has several benefits. For starters, jojoba oil has no side effects at all, because of which it is now being added to many manufactured cosmetic products.

Basically, jojoba oil is golden yellow oil that is extracted from the seeds of the jojoba plant. This plant grows in Mexico, Arizona, and California as a perennial shrub. Now, it is being grown in other parts of the world as well for its cosmetic and medicinal properties.

  • The list of jojoba oil benefits includes:
  • Moisturizer for hair
  • Reduces wrinkles
  • Has soothing and healing effects on eczema
  • Promotes hair growth
  • Reduces acne
  • A type of lubricant
  • Can help to remove dandruff and keep the hair and scalp healthier

Facial application

Many also use jojoba oil to clean their face, and to remove make up. This is because Jojoba oil does not have the effect of blocking the pores on the skin. Many artificial products that are used to clean your face or for removing make up do leave some microscopic residue on the skin which blocks the pores. Effectively, over a period of time, the skin starts looking dull because of the application of such products.

Skin application

Regular application of jojoba oil ensures that the skin remains supple and radiant for longer, even if it does not have the dramatic effect as some of the artificial products can have. Not much of this oil is required for such an effect. The oil spreads very easily and is absorbed almost instantaneously by the skin. The benefits from jojoba oil, however, are far more lasting and the skin too feels better and glows. Unlike most oils, jojoba oil does not give an oily or greasy appearance on application. It is also odorless, which is another advantage of this oil. Many people use it as a body lotion for hydrating the skin as it has a very soothing effect.

Hair treatment

Many beauticians recommend using jojoba oil regularly for improving the shine, shape, and thickness of eye lashes, instead of using artificial eye lashes. Many people would add hair conditioning as one of benefits of jojoba oil for hair. Therefore, it indirectly reduces hair fall as well. Some massage it on their scalps for removing dandruff and keeping the skin healthy and active so that hair follicles remain active. Those who believe in benefits of jojoba oil vouch that their hair becomes much stronger by applying this oil.

Medicinal effects

Medicinally, Jojoba oil does have some properties for killing certain varieties of bacteria which mostly affect the skin. Therefore, it can be used against acne, psoriasis, sores, warts, cankers, sunburns, and eczema. It also prevents fungal infections and mildew growth. These properties of jojoba oil are used by local people in natural herbicides and pesticides. People have also used jojoba oil as a lubricant because it does have a rather glutinous nature.

Researchers have observed that the composition of this oil is quite similar to the oil produced in human skin. This may be the reason why jojoba oil benefits are predominantly related to skin care.