Where to Buy Jojoba Oil: 5 Popular Places

Jojoba oil comes from the seeds of a jojoba shrub. It is a liquid wax commonly used on the skin and the scalp. It is very moisturizing, leaving your skin soft to the touch. However, jojoba oil has many other different uses and is used widely in many industries. Native Americans used to roast the jojoba seeds and eat them when they could find no other source of food, and they also used the oil to heal burns and any other irritation of the skin.

jojoba oil expeller pressedWhere can you buy jojoba oil? Jojoba oil can be purchased from many supplement stores as well as in health stores and vitamin stores. It can also be purchased easily over the internet as there are several websites which sell it.

Prices range depending on what exactly the product is being used for. Thus where to buy jojoba oil will also be affected by the use and intention.

1. Amazon

Amazon is one of the most popular sites online. Here one can find practically any product. Jojoba oil products are also available on Amazon. There is quite a good variety to choose from.

2. The Jojoba Company

In this specialized online store you will also find a range of organic jojoba oils with no extras added in. Organic products are very natural and very kind to the skin, and this means that they are suitable for vegetarians and vegans. Some jojoba oils can be used as a hot oil treatment. This is usually recommended for when it is being applied to the hair. Jojoba oil has a lovely smell to it, and heating the product makes the smell all the more evident. Jojoba oils can be used in the bath to make the skin oh-so-soft. Apply two or three drops to a warm bath and indulge you in the smoothness and scent of jojoba oil.

3. Drugstore.com

This website provides a range of jojoba oil products, including organic jojoba oil. The organic jojoba oils are more expensive than the non-organic, but only because they work better for your skin and hair. If you buy good quality oil and spend a little more money, you will get a better result than buying a non-organic, not so decent quality of oil.

4. Vitaminshoppe.com

This is another site where one can buy jojoba oil. There are different brands available, as well as organic jojoba oil.

5. Local stores and supermarkets

Many products containing jojoba oil can be found in supermarkets, such as fabric conditioners or shampoos with added jojoba oil. Health sections in supermarkets are also one of the places to buy jojoba oil.